Garage doors are a big purchase, and an important part of the usability and curb appeal of your home or business. Because they aren't something most people shop for very often, we've put together this short primer. Below we go over the fundamentals of choosing a new garage door, and even discuss some of the latest trends in 2021. Spend 5-10 minutes here, and make the best decision for your project.

Garage door basics

  1. How much do new garage doors cost?

  2. What size is my garage door?

  3. What type of garage door do I need?

  4. What's the best door material?

  5. Do I need insulation?

Garage door style

  1. Door designs?

  2. Which finishes and colors are available?

  3. What are the window options?

Get the ball rolling

  1. Are there other resources available?

  2. Can't I get my doors at a big box store?